(HP-41CX, Hewlett Packard 1983 and DM41X, SwissMicros 2020)

The BOOL program can process boolean functions and show results simultaneously. The latter may be interesting when formulas have been optimised and the outcome must be compared. Basic function OR, AND and NOT can be invoked for 1, 2, 3 or 4 parameters. The functions F1, F2,…, Fx must be programmed as shown in the examples below. Examples of some functions are:
F1 = a.b.c.d
F2 = a + b + c + d
F3 = a.b(c + d)
F4 = /a.b + /a + /b
F5 = a./b + /(c + /d)
F6 = /a + /b + /c.d
and more:
Fx = /(/a + /b + /c + /d)
Fy = /a.b + a./b
where the “/” represents the boolean NOT. The program is limited to a maximum of 4 parameters. The maximum number of functions depends on the available registers and memory.


Program Listing
The listing of BOOL is given below with 2 function which need to be added with their name. Four more examples have been added in the listing below.

Registers, Labels and Flags

PDF format of program BOOL.
RAW/TXT format of program BOOL (in zip file).

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