(HP-41CX, Hewlett Packard 1983 and DM41X, SwissMicros 2020)

The M2T program can multiply two norder polynomials, e.g.:
(a3x3 + a2x2 + a1x + a0)(b2x2 + b1x + b0) =
c5x5 + c4x4 + c3x3 + c2x2 + c1x + c0

The program is limited to a maximum order of 9 for each of the polynomials (10 coefficients each).
(The mathematical calculations center of Ben Langton, QuickMath, helps to solve any entered expression.)

Please note that my default FIX 5 setting which can be replaced by your preferred number of decimals.

Program Listing

Registers, Labels and Flags

PDF format of program M2T.
RAW/TXT format of program M2T (in zip file).

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